What is Child Custody?

In deciding child custody, the Court is guided by “in the best interests of the child.” The Court will look at all relevant circumstances (a discretionary standard) including, among other things, the age of the children, day-to-day routine and which parent has been primarily responsible for the daily care, and will enter a provision for the care, custody and financial support of the child(ren) in the Judgment of Divorce, Judgment of Paternity or Judgment of Custody.

When custody is disputed, the Court may appoint a Guardian Ad Litem (“GAL”). The Court generally directs a GAL to investigate facts and allegations surrounding custody and will file his or her report with the Court, which will often contain custodial recommendations. The Court will consider the GAL’s findings in arriving at a decision as to custody.

In Massachusetts, the rights of the parents to custody of their children are presumed equal absent misconduct [G.L. c. 208, § 31].

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Attorney John G. DiPiano has many years of experience in negotiating and trying child custody cases.  He is aware that these cases are often the most emotionally difficult cases for clients and their families. Attorney DiPiano approaches these matters with objective reason and compassion.

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