What is Child Support?

Child support is the amount of money a so-called “non-custodial parent” pays to the “custodial parent.” In most cases, child support will be determined by formula according to the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines.

The Guidelines will take the gross income (before taxes) amount of each party, up to certain income levels, as well as the number of children, their age, the cost of child care, and the cost of health insurance into consideration. Child support is non-taxable to the recipient spouse and is not tax deductible for the payor spouse. Child support is modifiable based upon a material change in circumstances.

Salem, MA Divorce Attorney John G. DiPiano is Experienced in Child Support and Family Law

Attorney John G. DiPiano began his career as a Massachusetts Family Law Attorney as Counsel to the Commissioner of Revenue, Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement Division, and has countless hours of experience establishing, modifying and enforcing Massachusetts Child Support Cases.

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