DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. HERE'S WHAT OUT CLIENTS SAY Compassionate John is highly knowledgeable. He is also very compassionate to client's issues and circumstances. Perhaps his biggest strength is his keen transparency on potential strategies to achieve desired legal outcomes and cost-effective and efficient tactics to effectuate them.
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DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. HERE'S WHAT OUT CLIENTS SAY John was on my side the entire time. John's guidance and knowledge through the process were invaluable. He got a frivolous restraining order waived on three days' notice. He met with my children and made them feel comfortable. He took his time to understand the situation. His guidance and counsel were exceptional. But most importantly. I felt confident throughout the entire process knowing John was on my side. Find Out More DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. HERE'S WHAT OUT CLIENTS SAY Efficient & Knowledgeable
John did an excellent job navigating through the divorce process. He remained focused on what mattered most. He was reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable. Find Out More
DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. HERE'S WHAT OUT CLIENTS SAY Excellent experience
John provided legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. He is experienced, honest, and extremely knowledgeable. I felt I was in trustworthy hands. He will keep your best interests as his main priority. Find Out More

Supporting You Through the Entire Divorce Process & Transition

The foundation upon which DiPiano Family Law Group was built first and foremost is to support our clients throughout the entire divorce process. Divorce is a stressful, life-changing event. Divorce can be complicated and emotional, often involving child custody issues and just coping with the everyday ups and downs of life throughout the journey.

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We take a holistic approach to our practice. When you work with us, you can expect a different type of first meeting.

We listen to you to understand your concerns.

Many attorney’s ask clients to prepare a packet full of files for their first consultation, including tax returns, financial statements, information on marital property and more. That is not our approach.

An initial consultation with our firm is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and to define the issues most important to you. We listen to you to understand your concerns. We provide the information and education you need to protect yourself and your loved ones, so you know what expect from the Massachusetts divorce process. We then establish a strategy and plan going forward that is efficient and cost-effective, tailored to your case.

When considering a way forward to dissolve your marriage we offer a wide range of services and approaches tailored to each individual case. This ranges from straight-forward negotiation, to mediation and arbitration as well as litigating through the courts. Litigation, which is the most expensive option, should always be the last resort especially if you and your ex-spouse expect to co-parent.
As a compassionate counsellor to our clients, we always feel it is best to minimize conflict and keep couples out of court. However, sometimes the issues can only be resolved through the family courts. In this case, John DiPiano Family Law Group will always be a tenacious advocate for our clients.

We also recognize there are many aspects of the Massachusetts divorce process that may require emotional support, financial planning, real estate & mortgage information, insurance considerations, and tax implications, among other things. We will ensure you have access to the support services you need.

We tailor our approach to each individual case.


Divorce Litigation

While some couples can resolve issues without going to court, others may need litigation to get a fair settlement. John DiPiano will always work towards reaching a settlement without going to court. If not, he will be your tenacious advocate.

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Family Law

Family law revolves around the division of marital property, child custody, alimony, and child support issues. This of often the most emotional and stressful part of the divorce process, especially where children are involved. We are compassionate counsellors for our clients while working through the sensitive issues of parenting with an ex-spouse.

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Asset Division

Not all assets are split 50/50

During divorce proceedings, separating parties usually have combined assets of some variety, whether it is something as traditional as dividing investments, home or vehicles, or more complex assets like a business, debt, or insurance policies.

It is a common misconception that assets are split 50/50 during a divorce, so it is essential to have an experienced litigator who understands the complexities of asset division in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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At the Law Offices of DiPiano Family Law Group, clients can be confident that their family law matters will be handled with the utmost professionalism and in confidence.

DiPiano Family Law Group is the go-to law firm in Greater Boston, the North Shore and throughout Massachusetts for divorce litigation and mediation, asset division and family law. We provide the skilled legal counsel and representation of a traditional Boston legal practice without the extra expense and time-consuming commute. Our Salem office is especially convenient for residents of neighboring towns like Beverly, Marblehead, Swampscott, Danvers, Lynnfield and Peabody. Consistently delivering favorable outcomes for our clients has helped extend our reputation to communities spanning the edges of Essex County like Ipswich, Andover and North Andover as well.