“Reality is what one makes it. And the more negative reality one nurtures and creates, the more of it one has.” – The Te of Piglet

2023-05-19T10:41:02-04:00May 19, 2023|"Can't", Achievements, Challenges, Family Law, Mother's Day, Trait|

I’ve been practicing law and concentrating on family law for over 27 years. To be honest, I sometimes grow weary ...

A Primer on Life Insurance and Its Relevance in a 410 Financial Statement in a Divorce Proceeding

2023-04-03T11:01:27-04:00April 3, 2023|410 Financial Statement, Beneficiary, Cash Value, Death Benefit, Divorce Proceeding, Financial Disclosure, Life Insurance, Support Obligation, Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance|

The issue of the different types of life insurance commonly encountered in divorce proceedings was a recent subject of conversation ...

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