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In addition to the emotionally charged nature of dissolving a marriage, the details of your divorce will have a lasting and significant impact on your family, finances and more. At DiPiano Family Law Group P.C.  we help local individuals navigate the process to ensure favorable and legally binding outcomes. If you are looking for the best divorce attorney in Salem or the surrounding area, we are the ideal firm.

Our comprehensive understanding of the law, skilled litigation and upstanding reputation throughout the Massachusetts legal system enables us to consistently deliver desirable solutions to our clients undergoing divorce. We explore every option available to secure favorable details of your divorce pertaining to child custody, asset division and alimony arrangements and more. Most commonly, we achieve this through the application of our tenacious litigation strategies in formal court room settings.

Every client we work and the circumstances they face are unique. In some instances, it is possible to circumvent traditional litigation and reach agreeable divorce terms through mediation alone. During mediation, spouses with our without their own lawyers, work with a neutral skilled and trained mediator to reach an agreement. This level of flexibility has helped establish our firm as the first choice of those searching for the best divorce attorney in Salem and neighboring communities.

Best Divorce Attorney in Salem

We attribute our designation as the go-to source for the best divorce attorney in Salem, in-part, to positive feedback we regularly receive from our clients. One such individual describes his experience in a 5-star Google review, “I cannot begin to express my gratitude and thanks to DiPiano Family Law Group for the prompt attention, expertise, results and genuine care they have shown to my friends and family members.  Whether a divorce, custody situation, modification or mediation, DiPiano Family Law really does an amazing job representing and advocating for the clients, children and families they serve. Well done and thank you!”

From your ability to make a living to the role you have in children’s lives – when it comes to divorce, every aspect of your lifestyle is on the line. At DiPiano Family Law Group P.C, we conduct ourselves with a level of tact and diplomacy that reflects the gravity of this process. As such, DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. is the first choice of individuals who want the best divorce attorney in Salem on their side.


DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. is experienced in these areas of divorce litigation.

  • Contempt Actions
  • Divorce Planning
  • Divorce Trials
  • Domestic Violence

  • Health Insurance Issues

  • Modification Actions

  • Petitions to Partition

  • Restraining Orders

  • Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce

  • Complex Asset Issues

  • Gifted Property

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The fate of your family and finances are too important to entrust with just any law firm. For unrivalled advice, advocacy and representation, you need the best divorce attorney in Salem available. When you work with our team at DiPiano Family Law Group P.C., that is exactly what you will get. Our meticulous and aggressive approach combined with our distinguished reputation in the Massachusetts legal community affords you a marked advantage in your divorce proceedings.

At DiPiano Family Law Group, P.C. , we deliver favorable legal outcomes through skilled litigation in Greater Boston, the North Shore and throughout Massachusetts. Partnering with our team of experienced divorce attorneys affords you a quality of legal service associated with traditional Boston law firms – without the frustrating commute and heightened fees. The convenient positioning of our Salem office is ideal for residents of neighboring towns like Beverly, Marblehead, Swampscott, Danvers, Lynnfield and Peabody. Our reputation for success has helped establish us as the go-to legal practice for clients located in more distant Essex County communities like Ipswich, Andover and North Andover as well.