Much has changed in business during the past two months. 

As Massachusetts slowly reopens its economy many questions remain as to how businesses will function going forward.   

During the financial crisis of 2008 I made a conscious decision to relocate my practice outside of Boston to a suburban location.  The decision was mainly personal on my part, with the desires to reduce my commuting time into and out of the city and to be closer to home and family working as strong incentives to move my practice out of Boston. 

Years after relocating outside of the city I now realize that there were hidden advantages to a suburban location where most clients can walk up a flight of stairs to my office instead of getting into an elevator to go to the upper reaches of a downtown office building in the age of social distancing. 

Moreover, when I relocated my law office to Salem, Massachusetts, I made a conscious decision to set the office up so that I, and my staff, could work remotely with laptops, VOIP telephone systems and secure document scanning and electronic storage capabilities.  

At the offices of DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. we are capable and committed to continuing to service our clients by video conferencing as well as through safe, appointment-based meetings where social distancing and safety guidelines are met. 

As Massachusetts businesses reopen, our offices will be staffed on a staggered basis by our team, which maintains case continuity by video – based team meetings on an ongoing basis.

If you are seeking family law representation, please contact the DiPiano Family Law Group P.C.: we’re happy to accommodate your meeting either over the phone,by appointment in our office with safeguards in place,  via Zoom, or outside, socially distanced at a local venue, if you prefer  meeting in person.  Learn how to prepare for your consultation here.

We represent clients throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in all aspects of family law