The offices of DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. are located in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, just 22 miles from Boston as the crow flies.  But ever since I moved my office from Boston, I have noticed that clients from counties outside of Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk Counties look at the Northshore of Boston as a place far, far away.  It’s an old story in the Commonwealth.  The population of the Northeast and the Southeast/Southwest corners of greater Boston have treated the Tobin (and now also Zakim) Bridges and the Sumner and Callahan Tunnels as borders almost never to be crossed for business purposes (except in summer for southerners to visit Rockport or Gloucester and for northerners to sojourn “down the Cape”.)  

 I live in Essex County and I chose a location nearer to home when I relocated my office first from Boston and then from Lynnfield.  My commute is minimal.  And, if I need to go to the office after hours or on a weekend to pick something up for a case, or drop something off for my staff, it takes only a few minutes. 

Covid-19 has forced the use of video conferencing platforms for the otherwise technologically uninitiated or unwilling.  And, I am happy to report, I am Zooming all over the place.  I like it.  I am Zooming from meeting to meeting.  I’ve had Zoom court hearings (not trials but that is for a separate and longer piece).   And all from the comfort of my office or home office.  And, guess what?  Clients no longer have to worry so much about where their lawyer is located.  Now, they’re primary concern can be who they choose as their lawyer.

This is just one of the positive effects Covid-19 has had on how we conduct business.  And, the use of technology to extend services beyond typical geographic boundaries is one of those positive effects.  The use of video conferencing technology is a permanent change for my firm.  And, I am looking forward to meeting new clients in counties “over the border” in Norfolk, Plymouth and even more Southern or Western locations.If you’re looking for a family law attorney in Massachusetts, reach out to us at  1 (978) 877-5159 or email me a and we will set up a video consultation with you.