What are Divorce Trials?

Divorce Trials are challenging for litigators and lawyers alike.  When trying a case spanning the course of a marriage, particularly a long-term marriage, it is often difficult to determine what particulars of the marriage to highlight at trial.  The natural tendency is to want to tell the whole story. The most effective Probate and Family Court trials, however, distill the essence of the most important particulars of the case and require careful, organized, detailed pre-trial preparation.

Child custody trials are different in their structure and organization from complex asset valuation trials.  However, sometimes, there are competing issues of great importance, which have to be organized and presented properly for the most effective result.

Salem, MA Divorce Attorney John G. DiPiano is Experienced in Divorce Trials

Salem Divorce Trial Attorney John G. DiPiano has tried divorce cases throughout the greater Boston area and is a well accomplished Massachusettes Divorce Litigator.

Prepare for your consultation

Many attorneys will typically ask clients to prepare a packet full of files for their first consultation, including tax returns, financial statements, information on marital property and more.

When you work with Attorney DiPiano, you can expect a different type of meeting.

An initial consultation with Attorney DiPiano is meant as an opportunity for you to get to know each other and define the issues that are most important to you, to provide information and education as to what you may expect from the divorcing process and to establish a plan for moving forward in a manner that is organized and cost-effective.

You can expect to discuss your needs as a client based on your individual situation and will develop a tailored strategy that suits your case.  

If you are interested in learning more about Attorney DiPiano’s approach to initial consultations, read this post.

Ready to meet?

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