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The manner in which you dissolve your marriage can make a lasting impact on nearly every aspect of your life – from family to finances and more. At DiPiano Family Law Group P.C., we help individuals on the North Shore of Massachusetts who are undergoing or considering a divorce, navigate the process with tact and diplomacy so that they can reach a desirable solution. Our counseling and mediation techniques often allow us to achieve this task without having to appear in a court. Of course, you can count on your divorce attorney in Salem to tenaciously advocate on your behalf through formal litigation when circumstances dictate such measures.

Preserving a parental role in your child’s life is likely a primary motivating factor in your decision to hire a divorce attorney in Salem. We help you achieve agreeable child custody, support and other single or co-parenting terms as part of your divorce through any and all legal means necessary.

We take an equally rigorous approach to protecting your assets and ability to make a living. In Massachusetts, asset division in divorces follows equitable distribution rules. As such, a judge will divide marital property in a manner they determine to be fair – rather than a simple 50/50 split. An experienced divorce attorney in Salem from our legal team can help you prove which of your assets and businesses are “separate” property so that you can retain complete ownership of them. We will also advocate on your behalf to ensure you receive a just portion of shared assets.

Divorce Attorney in Salem

We take great pride in positive feedback from clients who have relied on us when they needed a divorce attorney in Salem or the surrounding area. In a 5-star review, this client expresses his satisfaction in our overall approach, “I cannot begin to express my gratitude and thanks to DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. for the prompt attention, expertise, results and genuine care they have shown to my friends and family members. Whether a divorce, custody situation, modification or mediation, DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. really does an amazing job representing and advocating for the clients, children and families they serve. Well done and thank you!”

If you want the best divorce attorney in Salem, you can count on DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. to provide compassionate and effective counseling and litigation. We bring the resources and results commonly associated with Boston based firms to clients throughout the North Shore, without the excessive expense or commute.


DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. is experienced in these areas of divorce litigation.

  • Contempt Actions
  • Divorce Planning
  • Divorce Trials
  • Domestic Violence

  • Health Insurance Issues

  • Modification Actions

  • Petitions to Partition

  • Restraining Orders

  • Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce

  • Complex Asset Issues

  • Gifted Property

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If you have lived in Salem or elsewhere in the Commonwealth with your spouse as a couple for at least one year, you can file for divorce in Massachusetts. An experienced divorce attorney in Salem from our team at DiPiano Family Law Group P.C. can help you navigate the complex legal issues associated with the process and reach a favorable resolution.

At DiPiano Family Law Group P.C., we consistently deliver desirable legal outcomes through skilled divorce litigation in Greater Boston, the North Shore and throughout Massachusetts. Partnering with our team of experienced attorneys affords you a quality of legal service associated with traditional Boston law firms – without the frustrating commute and heightened fees. The convenient positioning of our Salem office is ideal for residents of neighboring towns like Beverly, Marblehead, Swampscott, Danvers, Lynnfield and Peabody. Our reputation for success has helped position us as the go-to legal practice for clients located in more distant Essex County communities like Ipswich, Andover and North Andover as well.