Same-Sex Divorce

What is Same-Sex Divorce?

Same-Sex marriage is a marriage between two persons of the same gender.  Other than the fact that the parties in a same-sex marriage are of the same gender, the body of law about divorce applies equally to same-sex couples as to so-called “traditional marriages.”

Salem, MA Divorce Attorney John G. DiPiano is Experienced in Same-Sex Divorce

Attorney DiPiano is experienced in Same-Sex Divorce.  Some same-sex marriage clients may feel as though they need, or require, a gay lawyer to represent them in a gay divorce.  Such is not the case. The legal issues are the same in Same-Sex Divorce as in traditional marriages. The client should hire a lawyer who is well-versed and experienced in Divorce Law and with whom that client is most comfortable because a good working relationship between the attorney-client team is essential to the client understanding the process and being satisfied with the results.

Prepare for your consultation

Many attorneys will typically ask clients to prepare a packet full of files for their first consultation, including tax returns, financial statements, information on marital property and more.

When you work with Attorney DiPiano, you can expect a different type of meeting.

An initial consultation with Attorney DiPiano is meant as an opportunity for you to get to know each other and define the issues that are most important to you, to provide information and education as to what you may expect from the divorcing process and to establish a plan for moving forward in a manner that is organized and cost-effective.

You can expect to discuss your needs as a client based on your individual situation and will develop a tailored strategy that suits your case.  

If you are interested in learning more about Attorney DiPiano’s approach to initial consultations, read this post.

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