Changes Afoot for Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Effective October 4, 2021

2021-09-20T19:25:50-04:00September 20, 2021|Advocating Family Law, Alimony, Basic Necessities, Childcare Costs, Combined Income, Complicated, Divorce Proceeding, Emotionally Charged, Family Law, Health Insurance Costs, Income, Lipit-Ishtar, Manual Calculation, Massachusetts Law, Massachusetts Probate and Family Court Child Support Guidelines Task Force, Never Been Married To Each Other, Palimony, Parental Support, Parenting Time, Paternity, Physical Custody, Total Available Income|

Did you know that written laws requiring parental support date back to over 2,000 years before the birth of Christ? ...

The Role and Work of a Guardian ad litem in Divorce in Child Custody Cases

2021-08-23T19:22:02-04:00August 23, 2021|Category E, Category F, Child Custody Litigation, Custody Cases, Domestic Relations, Evaluation, GAL, GAL Recommendations, Guardian ad litem, Investigation, Legal Custody, Parenting Time, Physical Custody|

In consultations with clients, I frequently have to explain what a Guardian ad litem (GAL) is, does, and how they ...

Suggestions for Divorced/Divorcing Parents on Mother’s & Father’s Day

2021-08-23T18:55:53-04:00August 23, 2021|Divorcing Parents, Father's Day, Mother's Day|

Divorce is tough on kids.                                                                                           That is as simple as I can put what in Family Law is an axiom. The ...

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